Tig Welding Suggestions – eleven Filler Metals That Will Weld Darn Around Anything at all

Do you ever want there was one TIG  welding rod that would weld all the things? Well Give up already! Its not gonna occur. But if you want to know the bare minimal arsenal of tig welding rods it usually takes to weld darn in the vicinity of just about anything, listed here is my down and dirty listing.  The very first five rods are the most beneficial will just take care of ninety % of all your tig employment.

  1. E70S2–for welding delicate metal, 4130 chromoly, and other reduced alloy steels
  2. ER308–practically each and every stainless metal can be welded with this rod
  3. ER309–high carbon stainless steels like 400 series, and for welding stainless to carbon metal as properly as other dissimilar metal applications
  4. 4043–greatest all close to aluminum rod
  5. Hastelloy W– aka AMS 5786 is  the greatest all purpose rod ever for all steels when you will not know specifically what form of metal you have.
  6. AZ101—The least crack sensitive welding rod for magnesium castings
  7. CP TI– also regarded as AMS 4951, commercially pure titanium can be utilized on any better toughness weldable titanium
  8. SILBRO–aka Silicon Bronze —-for copper alloys and tons of other makes use of like copper to stainless, copper to metal, can be utilized for tig welding solid iron also.
  9. Al BRO– aka Aluminum Bronze—-great rod for welding  solid iron on A/C. More powerful than SILBRO
  10. UTP  99% Alloy 59 Nickel Alloy Welding Rod from airgas —–Another excellent rod for welding solid iron. really machinable and crack resistant.
  11. Alladin 3 in one or Durafix–for tig welding pot metal…  welding pot metal blows, but at times you have to do it.

There you have it, eleven tig welding rods that let you weld basically each and every metal beneath the sunlight.  This details is not meant to be utilized as a substitute for engineering facts for essential welds. These are just some welding rods I have utilized with achievements. I hope it allows you.

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