Ocean freight charges are on the rise. Is it time to renegotiate your charges?

Ocean freight charges are on the rise.  This is specifically legitimate of ocean container shipments.  In the very last a few months typical ocean freight charges (container transport specifically) have climbed up to 55%.  Have you renegotiated your charges currently?  If not, now is the time!

There are really a number of charges that may possibly be a section of the total ocean / shipping transport fees on a normal import cargo.  Some may possibly be negotiable with the provider / forwarder (presented adequate quantity and frequency) and if you recognize how ocean freight charges are calculated. 

Let’s get a appear at what some ocean freight cost parts may be:

BAF – Bunker Adjustment Aspect Surcharge

ACC – Alameda Corridor Surcharge

PNC – Panama Canal Cost

SUZ – Suez Transit Surcharge

PSS – Peak Period Surcharge

AMS – Advance Manifest Surcharge

CHS – Chassis Utilization Surcharge

CAF – Currency Adjustment Aspect

DDC – Destination Delivery Cost

THC – Terminal Handling Cost

ARB – Origin Arbitraries

AGS – Aden Gulf Surcharge

WRS – War Danger Surcharge

Depending on your terms of sale (Incoterms) you may possibly pay origin charges which includes:

ORC – Origin Obtaining Cost

ODF – Origin Documentation Costs

THC – Terminal Handling Prices

DTHC – Destination Terminal Handling Prices

If your cargo is transferring inland in the US, you may possibly pay:

DDC – Destination Delivery Prices

IPI – Inland Stage Intermodal or MLB – MiniLandBridge

IFC – Inland Fuel Surcharge

In addition, your container freight fee may possibly depend on the real commodity being shipped. 

Of system there are the myriad of other fees not instantly connected with the ocean freight or container fee, some of which involve:

Importer stability Filing (ISF or ten+2)

Customs Brokerage

Duty & Taxes

Stripping and / or Transloading of Containers

Interim warehousing

and, and, and …

Correctly negotiating ocean freight is not so simple and depends on being aware of a lot more depth.  Will you have lots of “one-time” shipments, or a lot more a repetitive enterprise with just about every shipper?  How a lot products are you shipping at one time, or if repetitive, just about every cargo?  If repetitive, how typically?  The responses to these concerns also identify if you want to use a freight forwarder or negotiate instantly with the ocean carriers.

Doorway to doorway transit time is also a substantial thing to consider.  Will you ship to a big or “gateway” port and then truck to many distribution facilities?  Or will it all go to one DC?  If you are arranging on transferring the containers intact to an inland DC, some issue may possibly crop up depending on the ocean provider, and rail charges can be really substantial.  A forwarder (or the customs broker) can typically take care of the container shipping trucking to and from the port a lot improved than a provider (if the provider even would).  In any other case you will have to set up the trucking.

Alternative of your customs brokers would probably depend on your option of routing.  The delay at customs will depend on the accuracy and completeness of your vendors’ paperwork, as properly as the effectiveness of the chosen broker.

Prepare for good results!  Inadequate arranging can result in a lot headache and avoidable price.  Terrific good results will abide by your good arranging.

If you need a lot more depth or clarification, we will be joyful to work with you to setup a bid or RFP (Request For Proposal), or to audit or critique your present-day charges and procedures for achievable improvement.

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